M-Squared Contracting

I am just so thrilled with our new site that I hardly know where to begin. After spending thousands and thousands of dollars on our old site and being consistently disappointed with the results and the lengthy turn-around for updates I finally headed in a new direction for our WordPress site.

I did extensive research online and out of the multitude of firms out there, I was drawn to Dandelion Web Design due to Ruth Maude’s expansive WordPress background and services. After a phone consultation with Ruth, I knew I had finally made the right decision. Her task was far from easy, our site was partially complete in WordPress and was riddled with missing plug-ins, bad redirects, unoptimized images, incomplete text, poorly structured format, and the list goes on.

On incredibly short notice and high expectations on my part, not only did Dandelion Web Design stick handle their way through all the changes; they masterfully recreated pages and content to showcase our work in the best light possible.

In short, they are my go to for all things regarding our site and I am totally elated with the experience. Awesome job Dandelion Web Design!

— Michael Lawrance