WordPress 2.9 What’s New?

WordPress 2.9

WordPress 2.9 is here!  And some of the exciting new features include:

  • Move to Trash like the windows Recycle Bin you can move posts to trash where it will stay for 30 days unless you delete it permanently or  restore it.
  • oEmbed – link to multimedia content (YouTube, Flickr,  PollDaddy, and WP archives shortcodes) and translate the link to the actual video or image without worrying about the embed code.  You can make adjustments in Settings – Media.  To enable oEmbed you need to add the plugin.  As I have no problem adding embed code this isn’t an added value in my opinion.
  • Media Library Image Edits – you can now make edits to images right in WP. Scale, crop, rotate, flip images.  Now this is exciting!  While I will always open Fireworks to edit my images most of my clients will welcome this.
  • Post Thumbnails you can now assign an image to an article to make it the post image like is often used in magazine style themes.  Check out this blog post for detailed information about Using The New Post Thumbnail Feature In WordPress 2.9
  • Scheduled Posts message now shows message at top of the post – this is a welcome clarification.
  • Tools – Upgrade – select all to upgrade all plugins at one time.
  • A list of all the upgrades is available on the WP codex.

Check out the new features by watching this YouTube video from kwbridge.  She provides a nice run-through but  I must disagree with her when she says there is nothing exciting here.  I think these are very exciting improvements to the wp-admin.

Please add your comments.  What do you think of the changes 2.9 has brought to WordPress?

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  1. Ruth, I have to agree with you. When I saw all the new features of WP 2.9, I thought… bring it on. I am looking forward to trying the new features and improving the admin of my site.

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