The Correct WordPress Logo and Name

Last year at WordCamp Toronto I learned about the use of the fake WordPress Logo.  Unfortunately the fake logo with a mis-proportioned ‘w’ is everywhere.  The image below shows the difference between the fake WordPress Logo and the Official Logo.   Check out Google Images and you’ll see that the fake logo is widely used.

 Official WordPress Logo

So all you WordPress Bloggers out there don’t continue to spread the use of the wrong logo!  Get your WordPress logos, buttons, and official Colours from WordPress not from Google Images.  And if you see the wrong logo in use, let the blogger know so they can change their images and start using only the official WP logo.

Capitalize the P in WordPressAND while we are at it….Capitalize WordPress correctly! This is one of my biggest pet peeves.

It is WordPress with a capital P not a lowercase p.

Please pin this image to help spread the word around Pinterest!

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