What is Pinterest?

Today I attended Podcamp Toronto and it was all a buzz about What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool where you can discover, organize and share things you love. It is an image-sharing and social bookmarking service rolled into one. Pinterest is a fun and easy way to capture your favourite images without having to bookmark each individual website. Pinterest works by “pinning” images from anywhere on the web to boards.

Design teams use “mood boards” to compile inspirational elements and design concepts and to communicate to other team members. Pinterest has taken the mood board concept online. I can see how Pinterest could be a valuable tool for a web designer. A collaborative pinboard can engage the client in the design process before mockups are created.

Life/Business Coaches encourage clients to create a dream, inspiration board. [UPDATE] You can now create private boards for your own personal use – so you can keep your dreams to yourself.

Pinterest allows you to create as many boards as you want, on any theme – art, fashion, gardening, interior design – then locate images and use a “Pin It bookmarklet” to stick them to your pinboard. You have your own boards but you can also have boards that you can collaborate on (group boards).

Pinterest is social allowing users to re-pin items from other boards to their own and “like” or comment on things others have pinned. There’s also an option to cross-share through other social networks such as twitter and facebook.

Pinterest links images to their original sources so if you are an Artist, a Photographer, a Blogger of any kind this is good news for your blog’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Please add a comment about what you think of Pinterest. Check it out, follow me at http://pinterest.com/ruthmaude.

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  1. I’ve spent some time on Pinterest and I can see how you can spend a LOT of time on the site. Still, for businesses, I see how it can add value to digital marketing. But before you dive into Pinterest (or any other potential marketing channel, you need to identify your goals, and who you’re pinning for. And as another blogger said, put on a timer!

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