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How to make your website accessible | AODA Compliance

AODA Compliance You may have heard that you need to make your website accessible for AODA compliance (The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). Web accessibility obligations came into effect under AODA on January 1, 2014. Web Accessibility makes the web usable for everyone. It removes barriers for those with limited mobility, learning disabilities, hearing disabilities, those… Read more How to make your website accessible | AODA Compliance

Custom Headers in WordPress

Houston, we have a new header image! Do you remember this?  With the old WordPress Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven themes you could set a featured image for each page that would replace the header banner image. One problem with this was that if you uploaded a large image as the feature image for a blog post and… Read more Custom Headers in WordPress

Premium WordPress Themes

If you have a specific need for your site it is often best to source a theme that has been built to meet that need. If, for instance, you are a realtor and want a site where you can display property listings, purchasing a Premium Theme can provide you with the functionality you need and from there the theme can be further customized.