WordPress Lessons

How to create your own Child Theme for WordPress

Customize your WordPress theme the right way with a Child Theme You’ve searched hour upon hour for the perfect WordPress theme. You find one that is very close if you could only change this or that. The problem is if you make changes directly to the theme files you won’t be able to update the… Read more How to create your own Child Theme for WordPress

Should I update WordPress themes?

New versions of WordPress are released regularly often accompanied by updates to the core default WordPress themes (the themes that come with WordPress such as Twenty Seventeen). Immediately following a new release, clients often ask me if it is safe to update the default WordPress themes. Here’s what you need to know. Why Update the… Read more Should I update WordPress themes?

How to create a 301 redirect when you delete a page

Restructuring your website doesn’t need to cause errors. In this post we’ll show you how to create what is known as a 301 redirect. What happens when you delete a page? Last week a client who wants to restructure some content on her site asked me “What happens when a page is deleted?” The answer is… Read more How to create a 301 redirect when you delete a page

WordPress Plugin – All in One SEO Pack

An essential plugin for WordPress is the All in One SEO Pack . This tutorial will explain what it does and show you how to use this plugin on your WordPress site. WordPress already goes a long way toward creating an SEO friendly website but adding this powerful plugin will give you even more control. The All in One SEO pack plugin generates meta data automatically and allows you to customize it as you see fit.

WP Lesson: What in the world is a widget?

  Widgets are placeholders, they display an information arrangement changeable by the user. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your blog sidebar without having to change any code. Your theme will come with predefined default items in your sidebar.  A widgetized theme allows you to replace your theme’s sidebar with a dynamic one while… Read more WP Lesson: What in the world is a widget?

Using Post Thumbnails in WP 2.9

Many magazine style themes use thumbnail images beside the excerpt throughout the theme. Up until now many themes have used a Custom Field to make this association. The Get the Image plugin has been one solution that continues to work seamlessly with the new features of WordPress 2.9. This post assumes that you theme designer has already ensured that thumbnails are working in your theme and is a quick look at how to add associate a thumbnail image with your post.

Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson

Added to WordPress 2.9  is the ability to edit your media library images right in the wp-admin.  Without having to add any plugins or use any third party software you can scale, crop, rotate and flip images.  While WordPress developers will continue to use image editing programs such as Photoshop, many of my clients will welcome this new feature.  Let’s… Read more Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson

WP-admin Lesson 3: Pages

In WordPress, you can write either Posts or Pages. You can use WordPress to develop your website and not have blog at all. WordPress is a powerful content management system. This tutorial to using the WordPress administration backend will guide you through how to add a new page to your blog.