Online Reputation Management – Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is all about self-packaging or self-promotion. In the online context, it is about generating a distinguished Web presence of a person on the Internet. If you’re reading this post you’ve probably done a vanity search, “Googled” your name to see what’s out there. If not go ahead now… I’ll wait.  You may just… Read more Online Reputation Management – Your Personal Brand

Personal Privacy and the Social Web

All of us, regardless of age need to ask ourselves questions around personal privacy and the social web.

Brad Buset presented a session at Podcamp Toronto 2010 entitled “Defaulting Privacy: Personal information and the social web”. Brad’s presentation about digital privacy helped shed some light on shifting privacy norms and all those little choices online citizens make every day. The creators of Please Rob Me want to raise awareness of the privacy issues surrounding location based services.