Podcamp Toronto

What is Pinterest?

Today I attended Podcamp Toronto and it was all a buzz about What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool where you can discover, organize and share things you love. It is an image-sharing and social bookmarking service rolled into one. Pinterest is a fun and easy way to capture your favourite images without having to bookmark each… Read more What is Pinterest?

Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

In February when I attended PodCamp Toronto 2010 I noticed how they had used Google Docs embedded in and iframe within a WordPress page for the conference schedule. I thought this was a brilliant idea. This week I was able to appropriate this idea for use on the http://cgpa.ca website. The CGPA Conference organizers will… Read more Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

Personal Privacy and the Social Web

All of us, regardless of age need to ask ourselves questions around personal privacy and the social web.

Brad Buset presented a session at Podcamp Toronto 2010 entitled “Defaulting Privacy: Personal information and the social web”. Brad’s presentation about digital privacy helped shed some light on shifting privacy norms and all those little choices online citizens make every day. The creators of Please Rob Me want to raise awareness of the privacy issues surrounding location based services.

What will happen to my websites when I die?

I was pleased that this important topic was addressed at Podcamp Toronto 2010 by Adele Mcalear in a session called “Death and Digital Legacy in Social Media”. This thought-provoking session was the high point of Podcamp for me. Adele’s presentation was very professional and she covered a lot of ground in the short time allocated. Adele addressed questions such as What happens to your digital life when you pass away? What are the important things you should be thinking about while you are still here? How do families deal with a digital legacy?