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Firebug web development tool

Every modern browser has a built in element inspector. I use Firebug – an open source web development tool to find elements on a page that I want to style or change. Firebug can help you easily pinpoint a css class for a given element and find the line number in your stylesheet without having to read through lines… Read more Firebug web development tool

Why I decided to speak at WordCamp Toronto 2011

I’m speaking at WordCamp Toronto next Saturday and I’ll be part of a team offering a free hands-on WordPress workshop for beginners on Sunday. The WordCamp organizers asked the speakers to fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions asked was “Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Toronto?“. I gave them the short… Read more Why I decided to speak at WordCamp Toronto 2011

Easy Google Fonts for WordPress | Embedding Fonts made easy

The Font Problem Clients often ask that a web designer use a specific font on their website. The challenge is that unless a website user has that font loaded on their computer a substitute font will be displayed. We are really limited to a small number of web-safe standard fonts. Using an image is one… Read more Easy Google Fonts for WordPress | Embedding Fonts made easy

Open Source File Management Tools

This week I tried to get my new laptop with Windows 7 setup…. only to discover that my version of WS_FTP won’t work with Windows 7 and I have to pay for an upgrade. So I said forget it and switched over to Filezilla the open source file transfer program. From my twitter friends I then learned about other open source tools that they use.

WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System

WordPress is so much more than a blogging platform. Some developers will argue that the WordPress CORE isn’t a CMS in the true sense of the term; as WordPress allows users to publish web content most of us would say the term is appropriate. If you need to extend the capabilities of WordPress all you have to do is install the Pods CMS plugin and WordPress will be a complete CMS.

The WordPress Advantage

There are clearly many advantages to using WordPress to developed your website even if you have no intention to “blog”. WordPress is a powerful Content Mangement System with plugins and themes. WordPress has been designed with search engine optimization in mind. Other website systems generally do not create RSS feeds automatically, blogs do.