Learn WordPress Basics

WP-admin Lesson 3: Pages

In WordPress, you can write either Posts or Pages. You can use WordPress to develop your website and not have blog at all. WordPress is a powerful content management system. This tutorial to using the WordPress administration backend will guide you through how to add a new page to your blog.

Commenting – Why and How to Comment on a blog post

Social Media is changing the way that marketers and advertisers reach their target audiences and it changes the way that we interact online. Social Media is, well “social”.  Social networking, social bookmarking, social news, blogging, wikis… In this new social age communicating with consumers has suddenly become a two-way street. It’s about people talking; it’s all… Read more Commenting – Why and How to Comment on a blog post

The WordPress Advantage

There are clearly many advantages to using WordPress to developed your website even if you have no intention to “blog”. WordPress is a powerful Content Mangement System with plugins and themes. WordPress has been designed with search engine optimization in mind. Other website systems generally do not create RSS feeds automatically, blogs do.