Create SEO Friendly Images in WordPress with alt text

An often overlooked part of on-page SEO is image optimization. I’m not talking about optimizing the images themselves so that the images will load faster—this post is about how to create SEO friendly images in WordPress using the alt tag. Alternative (alt) text are the words used in the alt tag field to describe the image.… Read more Create SEO Friendly Images in WordPress with alt text

Page Speed Obsession … What I learned

I read this post about how to improve the speed of your site and quickly became obsessed with Google PageSpeed Insights. My goal was to exceed post-author Raelene Wilson’s 91 and if possible reach her goal of 95. I did manage to reach to 95 but doing so was at the expense of plugins I wanted to keep.  So… Read more Page Speed Obsession … What I learned

Custom Headers in WordPress

Houston, we have a new header image! Do you remember this?  With the old WordPress Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven themes you could set a featured image for each page that would replace the header banner image. One problem with this was that if you uploaded a large image as the feature image for a blog post and… Read more Custom Headers in WordPress

What is Pinterest?

Today I attended Podcamp Toronto and it was all a buzz about What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool where you can discover, organize and share things you love. It is an image-sharing and social bookmarking service rolled into one. Pinterest is a fun and easy way to capture your favourite images without having to bookmark each… Read more What is Pinterest?

Using Post Thumbnails in WP 2.9

Many magazine style themes use thumbnail images beside the excerpt throughout the theme. Up until now many themes have used a Custom Field to make this association. The Get the Image plugin has been one solution that continues to work seamlessly with the new features of WordPress 2.9. This post assumes that you theme designer has already ensured that thumbnails are working in your theme and is a quick look at how to add associate a thumbnail image with your post.

Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson

Added to WordPress 2.9  is the ability to edit your media library images right in the wp-admin.  Without having to add any plugins or use any third party software you can scale, crop, rotate and flip images.  While WordPress developers will continue to use image editing programs such as Photoshop, many of my clients will welcome this new feature.  Let’s… Read more Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson