Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

In February when I attended PodCamp Toronto 2010 I noticed how they had used Google Docs embedded in and iframe within a WordPress page for the conference schedule. I thought this was a brilliant idea. This week I was able to appropriate this idea for use on the website. The CGPA Conference organizers will… Read more Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

Online Reputation Management – Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is all about self-packaging or self-promotion. In the online context, it is about generating a distinguished Web presence of a person on the Internet. If you’re reading this post you’ve probably done a vanity search, “Googled” your name to see what’s out there. If not go ahead now… I’ll wait.  You may just… Read more Online Reputation Management – Your Personal Brand

Three SEO trends in 2010

As we start a New Year, let’s look at recent trends in the world of SEO and what SEO professionals are predicting for 2010. Google is making page load time a ranking factor adding Site performance to Webmaster tools; Link diversity is more important than raw link count; and web links coming from social media links are now relevant with the introduction of Real Time Search.