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I love that the Internet and social media gives power to the people!

Yesterday I read a tweet from a woman in Montreal who I met last year at WordCamp Toronto, she was kicked out of a children’s clothing store for breastfeeding her baby.

“Just got kicked out of store for breastfeeding (extremely discretely as if that matters)”

Within hours this Mom had a new WordPress blog, someone was organizing a Nurse-In Facebook Event, and now there is a letter writing campaign.

The buzz about this incident is building on twitter.

@CBCMontreal @cbcHomerun Montreal kids’ clothing store discriminates against breastfeeding mom

@mtlgazette Montreal kids’ clothing store discriminates against breastfeeding mom

Just now Shannon Smith tweeted “My little side portfolio got over 1000 visits today. Not bad!” And the Facebook event currently has 27 confirmed as attending and 769 awaiting a reply. Wow! Imagine if hundreds of women show up to nurse their babies. What a wonderful way to make a statement about a woman’s right to feed her baby how and where she chooses!

For a children’s clothing store this is a PR disaster! I’ll be interested to see how they handle this. Perhaps they will install a permanent nursing bench in a corner of the store and serve refreshments and offer free give-aways on January 19th to the women who show up for the Nurse-In.

Lesson to retailers in this social media age: be careful how you treat a web savvy woman.

Please add your comment about this example of the power of social media.

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One comment on “Social Media Lactivism
  1. Dawn says:

    And the power keeps growing Shannon’s story made print media page 3 of the first section of the Globe and Mail. There is a big cautionary tale here make sure that your policies are customer centric and that all your employees are well versed in them all.

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