Premium WordPress Themes

I can design a WordPress theme for you or I can modify a free or Premium Theme that you have purchased. There are a number of great premium WordPress Themes available usually for $50-$150. If you have a specific need for your site it is often best to source a theme that has been built to meet that need. This will provide you with the functionality you need and from there the theme can be further customized.

Here are a some examples:

Real Estate Premium Themes from StudioPress have added features for property listings.

Video Premium Themes from and WooThemes

Language Translation Supported Themes from Graph Paper Press. The Modularity theme currently comes supporting Norwegian, French, German and Spanish. I am currently working with a client to add Japanese! The themes at Graph Paper Press are free but you can opt to pay for one of their support packages.

Magazine Style Themes One of my favourite themes is the BranfordMagazine Theme by DER PRiNZ.

*Disclosure: If you purchase a theme from the links on this page I will receive an affiliate credit.

What is your favourite Premium WordPress Theme?

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