Lunch with Mary – A Blogging Success Story

Mary Speaking at WordCamp Toronto March 2010

I really enjoyed the Blogging Success stories that were featured between the presentations at WordCamp Toronto 2010, I especially enjoyed Mary Warner’s Blogging Success Story. 

THE BLOG: Lunch with Mary
As Mary Warner approached her 30th Birthday she decided to start a WordPress blog.  She came up with a really great blog concept – take someone out for lunch and blog about it.  The format each blog posts is the same;  the date, the company, the food, the lunch lesson, the lunch.

Mary’s goal is to learn as much as she can by taking as many interesting people to lunch as possible. She invites a wide range of different people, from a professional Ballerina to a Seismologist for lunch.

This blog began as I was entering my 30th year. I have always loved learning new things. I was scared of the big 3-0. So I combined these two factors and embarked on a bit of a scary learning adventure. I decided to reach out to all the people that I wanted to learn something from – and ask them out to lunch. And at these lunches I would be a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as possible and then share it here, on my blog. What first began as a two year portfolio has grown into more than I ever imagined, I still can’t believe people agree to have lunch with me. As for how long I am going to keep lunching? As long as people keep accepting my invitations. I plan to continue to keep learning as much as I can and I hope my readers can learn something too.

By day Mary Warner is a communication professional.

Be sure to checkout Mary’s blog

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