LinkedIn Profile 100% Completeness Formula

Yesterday I attended (and spoke at) Freelance Camp 2012. I picked up some great LinkedIn tips from Margarita Ibbott‘s session “Understanding How to Network: going from virtual to meeting IRL”.

After her session I spent a little time further tweaking my LinkedIn profile and, yeah, it is now at 100%!!

Today I did some further research into what makes a LinkedIn profile complete and learned that LinkedIn changed the criteria in February. Here’s what you need to do to fully complete your LinkedIn profile. [click the image to enlarge]

Get Your LinkedIn profile to 100% completeness:

  • Postal Code and Industry – These are required fields that are created when you signup. (5%)
  • A current position (+20%)
  • Confirm your current position (+5%)
  • Describe your current position (+5%)
  • Add a second position (+15%)
  • Add a third position (+5%)
  • At least 5 skills (+5%)
  • Add your Education (+25%)
  • Add a profile picture (+5%)
  • Create at least 50 connections (+10%)

Does a complete profile matter?

A complete LinkedIn profile is 40 times more likely to receive opportunities yet only about half of LinkedIn users have fully completed their LinkedIn profile. Yes, it is worth spending a little time completing your profile if you want to effectively use LinkedIn for business.

Please pin my infographic to Pinterest and add your comments below. I would love to hear from you if you’ve found this information helpful.

5 thoughts on “LinkedIn Profile 100% Completeness Formula

  1. Mine is 100% complete, indeed. I deleted it last year and never looked back. I never got anything out of LinkedIn but spam.

    1. Up until recently I haven’t seen much value in LinkedIn. Connecting only with people you truly know should prevent spammy sales pitches from strangers. One of my face-to-face groups has moved from Meetup to LinkedIn and I enjoy being able to have group discussions throughout the month. Not every social media platform is for everyone that’s for sure.

  2. I am almost there Ruth, thanks for the friendly reminder!

    1. Nice to see you again this weekend Valerie and to connect with you on LinkedIn 🙂

  3. Awesome, LinkedIn is valuable communication media. If we create LinkedIn Profile 100% Completeness, It can helpful for us.

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