Introducing WordPress Patterns

Introducing WordPress Patterns

WordPress Block Patterns are pre-designed collections of blocks that you can insert into a page or post to create more complex layouts and designs without coding.

You can insert a block pattern anywhere you use the block editor — which is really handy.

Today I’ll show you two ways to access an amazing array of patterns that you can use and then modify in your site.

Patterns in the Block Editor

To use WordPress Block Patterns, open your page and click on the blue plus to open the block inserter (top left corner) then click on the “Patterns” tab. Here you’ll see patterns arranged into categories.

  • Buttons: Add a predefined/designed button to your page or post – beyond the usual button you have set in global settings.
  • Columns: Add predefined columns in different layouts
  • Gallery: Add a gallery of images in varying configurations
  • Headers: Pre-designed cover or header image styles
  • Text: for pre-formatted text options – beyond the usual text blocks

Click on a pattern to insert it into your page.

Note that some themes and plugins may add additional patterns here as well.

At the bottom of the list, you’ll see a link to “Explore All Patterns”. If you click on that, a pop-up screen will display a visual search with screenshots of the patterns.

How to Find Even More Patterns

You’ll find even more patterns to explore and use by going to

This resource contains all the patterns available in the editor and more.

Take some time exploring all the menu items on the screen to find the block pattern you want for your page or post.

Change the dropdown menu from “Curated” to “Community” you’ll discover other patterns that have been submitted to WordPress. Select the block pattern type you want.

  • Hover over the pattern you want
  • Click copy
  • Go back to your page or post
  • Click the + in the block editor
  • Click Command/Control v to paste the pattern.

Once you’ve found the block pattern you want to insert into your page or post, hover over the pattern you want, click copy.

Go back to your page or post. Click the plus + and Command/control v to paste the pattern.

It’s as simple as that.

Now you can use the block editor to edit each block in the pattern.

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