10 Reasons you can’t ignore Social Media

Many brands and businesses, both big and small, are recognizing the increasing need to create a social media presence to compete in today’s market.

Businesses see the social media icons on their competitors’ websites and feel the pressure to jump on board too. Some start with great enthusiasm but with unrealistic expectations of overnight results. If they don’t see a quick return on their investment of social media effort some will give up abandoning their profiles. Others are too apprehensive to even begin. They worry that social media will take a lot of their time with little return.

There are too many benefits to categorically ignore social media.

10 Reasons you can’t ignore Social Media

Social media…

  1. drives targeted traffic to your website
  2. will improve the ranking of your website in organic search results
  3. allows you to effectively dialogue with your customers and build relationships
  4. improves your brand recognition and builds brand loyalty
  5. is free, making it the most cost-efficient form of marketing
  6. has a wide audience reach
  7. helps you gain recognition as an expert in your industry
  8. enables you to keep up with industry trends, news and events
  9. builds relationships for partnership opportunities
  10. helps you keep tabs on your competition

Why I use Social Media

I don’t use social media to find clients, I use social media to have conversations with colleagues and keep up with news and trends. Through social media, I’ve learned about offline events and conferences where I’ve met twitter followers face-to-face. I now have a virtual network of colleagues who have skills that complement mine. Social media links will promote my blog posts and help my website rank in organic results which may, in turn, help potential clients find me.

While it is hard to quantify the benefits of social media for my business, I know that it has been time well spent.

Why do you use Social Media? What is preventing you from trying Social Media? Please add your comments.

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  1. As a solopreneur, I use social media to have conversations with people when I am alone in my office. I also engage with social media to learn. I am involved in a social learning group that meets monthly. I am involved in social learning online everyday. I’m glad that I have taken the online journey – it has enriched my life.

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