With WordPress you’re ready for whatever changes come to the Web

In 1999, I built my first website. Back then my browser was Netscape, my Internet was dial-up, I didn’t own a cell phone and Facebook didn’t exist. Since then the Web-world has seen a lot of changes.

As a website owner today, you want to make sure that your website isn’t being left behind!

Where the Web is going ….

What this means for you….

is that you want a WordPress site. As the Web changes so does WordPress. WordPress automatic updates ensure that with the click of a button you can make sure that you are running the latest version of WordPress.

In 2010, Steve Job’s said that “HTML5 will kill Flash”. Flash isn’t dead yet but there are a couple of reasons you should move away from Flash now.

One: Flash doesn’t work on iPhones and iPhones command the largest market share for mobile devices.

Two: Flash images can’t be pinned to Pinterest.

Search the WordPress plugin repository for HTML5 and you’ll find that WordPress is already starting to take advantage of HTML5. I’ve used HTML5 for presentation slideshows but I haven’t played with any of these plugins yet. Please add comments below to let me know if you’ve found one that you like.

With WordPress, you’ll be ready for whatever changes come to the Web.

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