How to Create an Easy Social Links Page on Your Website

Social Links Page WordPress Website Pattern

In my last post, I introduced WordPress Patterns. One of my favourite patterns is the LinkTree pattern used to create a Link In Bio page.

What is a Link in Bio Page?

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t let you link directly to your content. You have a couple of options for adding links in Instagram.

  • You can update your profile link every time you want to post a link or
  • You can set up a link page on your site

There are many third-party services available to create Instagram links trees but I prefer the option of creating a links page on your website. It’s better to send your traffic to your website instead of a third-party service. By way of example, here’s my links page.

Currently you can put two links in your Instagram Profile.

How to create a Links Page

  • Pages → Add New → Create a new page called Links
  • Go to this LinkTree Pattern in the directory
  • Click the Copy Pattern button
  • Switch back to the tab where you have your Links page open and click paste or use the keyboard shortcut CMD-V (MAC) / CTRL-V (WINDOWS)
  • Edit the image and put your username below the image
  • Then update all of the buttons to link to your own website links and social media accounts

Remember: In your Instagram post description: tell people that they can find the “link in bio” so they know where to access the link.

Astra Theme tips to make this a landing page

If you’re using the Astra Theme you can do a few other things to make this page look great.

  1. Click on your page title and click the eyeball icon. This will hide the page title from the page
  2. In the top right click on the Astra stylized A icon and open the Astra theme settings.
    • If you’re using a sidebar on your site, switch this page to No Sidebar
    • Open Disable Elements and turn off both the Header and footer making the links page a landing page
  3. Update, Publish, and View your new page

Now go to your Instagram account and edit your profile to link directly to this new page. Every time you have a new link to share, edit this page to direct people to your new content.

While setting this page up may take a bit more time in the beginning, if you’re active on Instagram and want to share multiple links, you can display several links for your Instagram followers to check out. And you’re not constantly having to update your Instagram profile.

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