Google+ and Social Media Fatigue

What is Google Plus and do I need it?

Social Media Fatigue

I appreciate this cartoon. I for one, am suffering a bit from social media fatigue. I’m usually an early adopter but I’ve barely looked at Google+. I don’t really want one more social media platform!

Social Media Fatigue -

Few of us can really engage on multiple platforms and maintain quality conversations. Is the answer to just automate from one to another? The problem with this is that the audience on different platforms are different and the language and etiquette on different platforms vary. Third-party apps have been developed to fix some of these inherent weaknesses in the platforms.

What is Google+ and do I need it?

Although I don’t want yet another social media platform to manage, this is a Google product. I’m already using Gmail and Google Calendar all day every day, Google+ will be just one more integrated Google tool. I’m also expecting that activity on Google+ will have an impact on search engine optimization. If it is a Google product, I can’t ignore it.

I’ll be spending more time getting to know Google+ this week. How about you? What do you think of Google’s new social media platform?

2 thoughts on “Google+ and Social Media Fatigue

  1. The video that you’ve included in this post, pretty much says it all for me. I’m intent on hanging out at Google+ because I believe that it will keep evolving and growing and should not be ignored.

  2. I am with you on this post. I enjoy facebook, it is quick and easy.

    I struggled with joining G+ or not and like you I can’t say no to Google. I only see hardcore techies on G+, I don’t belong there. I have G+ and don’t do much with it.

    I joined Pinterest last week and find it an equivalent of, if not better than, Facebook. I like the graphical interface and that I can communicate with people who are not my ‘friends’. You can like categories or other peoples boards and get fresh ideas. I get real time feedback if people like my pins.

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