Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

In February when I attended PodCamp Toronto 2010 I noticed how they had used Google Docs embedded in and iframe within a WordPress page for the conference schedule. I thought this was a brilliant idea. This week I was able to appropriate this idea for use on the website. The CGPA Conference organizers will be able to login, make changes to the schedule spreadsheets in Google docs, save the file and the changes will appear on their website.

This YouTube video demonstrates how it works:

The PodCamp Organizers had also used collaborative mapping to show some of the restaurants, hotels, and bars, in the area around the Conference Center. This week I created a custom Google Map for to show the locations of each of the member clubs. The map was easily embedded into the WordPress page. The client can login and add member clubs, remove clubs and edit club details.

This YouTube video shows you how it works.

Since February I’ve kept these ideas in my back pocket just waiting for a chance to try them out! They proved to be easy solutions to allow the clients to update their embedded content. Both also allow permission levels to be set to permit collaborative updating.

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