Domain Domination – Keyword Targeted URLs

Having a keyword-rich domain name is an important factor of Search Engine Optimization. Choosing the right domain could boost your search engine rankings.

Here are a few examples:

This month I launched a new site for a Toronto Naturopathic Doctor. She purchased the domain name “” a year ago and we posted an under-construction page with her contact information. Before too long her under-construction page was coming up number two in for the keywords Toronto Naturopathic doctor…. She was able to out-compete other established sites simply because her three main keywords form her URL.

In January 2009, I started to offer WordPress development services. To boost my web presence for the keywords “wordpress Toronto” I purchased “” and pointed it to “”. This worked to help my business add on a new product. Google WordPress Toronto and there I am at the top of the results.

How do we know that Google cares about keywords in the URL?
Do a search and you will notice that Google bolds the keyword in the domain name. By bolding it we know Google sees it and recognizes that it is there. I believe it gives a web site a bit of an edge to have a keyword in the URL. If you look closely you can see how many ways there are to actually include keywords in your domain name.

Ways of Adding a keyword to your URL:
There are a few ways to integrate keywords into your URL even if the base URL does not have any of your main keywords in it.

  • Keyword in Base Domain Name:
  • Keyword in Sub-Domain name:
  • Keyword in Directory:
  • Keyword in Page Names:

The use of keywords in linking text is one of those simple things that turn out to be hugely important. The text that links to a particular page gives Google and other search engines clues as to what the page is about. ‘click here for more information’ is not helpful for search engines. We often have no control over linking text from external sites but the url itself is commonly used as the linked text, in which case having keywords in your url will provide keyword-rich linking text to your site.

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