Custom Headers in WordPress

Houston, we have a new header image!

Do you remember this?  With the old WordPress Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven themes you could set a featured image for each page that would replace the header banner image. One problem with this was that if you uploaded a large image as the feature image for a blog post and the image was a large one your header image would be replaced.

Random header images with Customizer

WordPress 3.9 gives us the Customizer and with it the ability to upload, crop and randomize header images. This feature will work across themes (not just the Themes that ship with WordPress) as long as the theme uses the standard WordPress Custom Header code.

add_theme_support( 'custom-header' );

screenshot of Customize headers

Specific header images for different pages

If you don’t want a random header you can use the Custom Header Extended plugin to set a specific image for each page. This plugin will work with any theme that supports Custom Headers.  No custom coding required!

What is really nice is that it doesn’t interfere with the featured image that your theme may be displaying in blog excerpt or archive listings.  With this plugin you can use a different header image for different pages while still setting a featured image for blog posts.

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