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November 2022 SCAM ALERT
I am not hiring. There is a person using the name Becky Gauthier conducting job interviews and claiming to represent my company. I don’t know this individual and I am not hiring. Please do not sign any contract that she sends you. Do not provide her with your personal or banking information. Do not send her any money.

New Inquiries

If we have not yet worked together, please email me first so we can schedule a phone chat.

Please fill in the CONTACT FORM →


I work from a home office in Toronto’s West End (Etobicoke). I meet clients at a local café.

I’m always happy to work with a local Toronto business but I can work with you no matter where you’re located. I have a number of clients I’ve never actually met in person. We can work together by email and phone without needing to meet in person.

Existing Clients

If we have worked together already you may call or text me during regular business hours (my number is in my email signature – I’m getting so many marketing calls that I’ve removed the number from here). I prefer you email me first so we can schedule a chat.

NOTE: I do not respond to unsolicited commercial messages or guest post pitches.