The Julie/Julia Project – A Blogging Success Story

The other evening I was sitting with some friends and we started to talk about the movie Julie & Julia and the blog. One of the women hadn’t heard the story…. The Blog: Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. Take a step back in time…. Julie Powell began blogging on Sunday, August… Read more The Julie/Julia Project – A Blogging Success Story

Updating your WP Installation & Plugins

From time to time you will need to update your WordPress installation to the latest version. WordPress has a built in alert system that lets users know when their installations are out of date. Whenever a new version of WP is released you will see a message at the top of your wp-admin dashboard telling you that you need to update your installation. Sometimes security vulerabilties are corrected with new releases and other times new features are added making improvements to the functionality of WordPress

WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System

WordPress is so much more than a blogging platform. Some developers will argue that the WordPress CORE isn’t a CMS in the true sense of the term; as WordPress allows users to publish web content most of us would say the term is appropriate. If you need to extend the capabilities of WordPress all you have to do is install the Pods CMS plugin and WordPress will be a complete CMS.

1000 Awesome Things – A Blogging Success Story

A few weeks ago I attended WordCamp Toronto.  I really enjoyed the Blogging Success stories that were featured between the presentations.  This week I read about a Toronto blogger, Neil Pasricha, who has an awesome success story. THE BLOG: 1000 Awesome Things On June 20, 2008 Neil Pasricha started his blog http://1000awesomethings.com.  1000 Awesome Things is updated every weekday with… Read more 1000 Awesome Things – A Blogging Success Story

WordPress Plugin – All in One SEO Pack

An essential plugin for WordPress is the All in One SEO Pack . This tutorial will explain what it does and show you how to use this plugin on your WordPress site. WordPress already goes a long way toward creating an SEO friendly website but adding this powerful plugin will give you even more control. The All in One SEO pack plugin generates meta data automatically and allows you to customize it as you see fit.

The Correct WordPress Logo and Name

Attention WordPress Bloggers! Don’t continue to spread the use of the wrong WP logo! AND while we are at it….Capitalize WordPress correctly! This is one of my biggest pet peeves.
It is WordPress with a capital P not a lowercase p.

Commenting – Why and How to Comment on a blog post

Social Media is changing the way that marketers and advertisers reach their target audiences and it changes the way that we interact online. Social Media is, well “social”.  Social networking, social bookmarking, social news, blogging, wikis… In this new social age communicating with consumers has suddenly become a two-way street. It’s about people talking; it’s all… Read more Commenting – Why and How to Comment on a blog post