Is YouTube for You?

YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos. Even if you don’t produce your own video content, you can use YouTube as a Social Networking Tool to comment, share, rate and favorite videos. You can create your own channel (profile) page and personalize it.

The WordPress Advantage

There are clearly many advantages to using WordPress to developed your website even if you have no intention to “blog”. WordPress is a powerful Content Mangement System with plugins and themes. WordPress has been designed with search engine optimization in mind. Other website systems generally do not create RSS feeds automatically, blogs do.

RSS Feeds explained

You’ve seen those orange icons but you don’t know what they mean. This blog post will answer your questions ….. What are those buttons? What is RSS? Why should I use RSS? How do I read an RSS Feed? How can an RSS benefit my blog or website?

Keyboard Symbols

A few of my clients have asked me how I get symbols that I’ve used in their sites. Here are some basic keyboard symbols that work with most fonts. Hold down the Alt key and punch in the numbers using the number pad, release the Alt key and your symbol will be inserted.

“Green” your website and your business….

Have you heard about EcoFont, a new typeface that uses 20 percent less ink to print? It extends the life of print catridges by punching dots into the inside of the type face that are only noticeable from sizes 24 and up. Progressive businesses and organizations all over the world are finding their eco-consciousness and seek to operate with sustainable business practices. Here are a few things you can do…

This isn’t IKEA… 10 Principles for Clear, Consistent and Complete Website Navigation

I’m such a rebel when I shop at IKEA… I’ll take short cuts and walk against the flow – ignoring the big blue arrows on the floor. But then, I’ve never liked to be told what to do! IKEA uses a “forced flow” retail model. Your shopping experience is controlled through the store from curb… Read more This isn’t IKEA… 10 Principles for Clear, Consistent and Complete Website Navigation