WordPress for Artists

A number of my website clients are Artists. WordPress is a wonderful platform for web design and development including portfolio or gallery sites for artists. Artists need to have a content management system that will enable them to add new works and post information about shows and exhibits on a regular basis. With WordPress Artists… Read more WordPress for Artists

Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

In February when I attended PodCamp Toronto 2010 I noticed how they had used Google Docs embedded in and iframe within a WordPress page for the conference schedule. I thought this was a brilliant idea. This week I was able to appropriate this idea for use on the website. The CGPA Conference organizers will… Read more Google Docs & Maps in WordPress

Premium WordPress Themes

If you have a specific need for your site it is often best to source a theme that has been built to meet that need. If, for instance, you are a realtor and want a site where you can display property listings, purchasing a Premium Theme can provide you with the functionality you need and from there the theme can be further customized.

Open Source File Management Tools

This week I tried to get my new laptop with Windows 7 setup…. only to discover that my version of WS_FTP won’t work with Windows 7 and I have to pay for an upgrade. So I said forget it and switched over to Filezilla the open source file transfer program. From my twitter friends I then learned about other open source tools that they use.

Using Post Thumbnails in WP 2.9

Many magazine style themes use thumbnail images beside the excerpt throughout the theme. Up until now many themes have used a Custom Field to make this association. The Get the Image plugin has been one solution that continues to work seamlessly with the new features of WordPress 2.9. This post assumes that you theme designer has already ensured that thumbnails are working in your theme and is a quick look at how to add associate a thumbnail image with your post.

Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson

Added to WordPress 2.9  is the ability to edit your media library images right in the wp-admin.  Without having to add any plugins or use any third party software you can scale, crop, rotate and flip images.  While WordPress developers will continue to use image editing programs such as Photoshop, many of my clients will welcome this new feature.  Let’s… Read more Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson