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Social Links Page WordPress Website Pattern

How to Create A Link in Bio Page

How to Create an Easy Social Links Page on Your Website In my last post, I introduced WordPress Patterns. One of my favourite patterns is the LinkTree pattern used to create a Link In Bio page. What is a Link in Bio Page? Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn't let you link directly to
Introducing WordPress Patterns

Introducing WordPress Patterns

WordPress Block Patterns are pre-designed collections of blocks that you can insert into a page or post to create more complex layouts and designs without coding. You can insert a block pattern anywhere you use the block editor --- which is really handy. Today I'll show you two ways to access an amazing array of
Getting Started with Instagram tips for Artists

Getting Started with Instagram

Whether you're an artist who wants to sell and display your art or you're a organization who wants to promote your events, Instagram is a great social media platform for you. Don't replace your email marketing with Instagram. You still want to notify subscribers by email of your upcoming events or new product offerings. But
SEO Friendly Images for your Blog

Create SEO Friendly Images in WordPress with alt text

An often overlooked part of on-page SEO is image optimization. I'm not talking about optimizing the images themselves so that the images will load faster---this post is about how to create SEO friendly images in WordPress using the alt tag. Alternative (alt) text are the words used in the alt tag field to describe the image.
customizing Jetpack Related Posts

Customizing Jetpack’s Related Posts

Jetpack is one WordPress plugin that I install on most projects. It is packed full of great features. One of the best things about Jetpack is the Related Posts feature. Jetpack's Related Posts, unlike other related post plugins, doesn't eat up a lot of server resources. With Jetpack Related Posts you'll encourage site visitors to stick around longer on
10 tips to make your WordPress website Accessible

How to make your website accessible | AODA Compliance

AODA Compliance You may have heard that you need to make your website accessible for AODA compliance (The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). Web accessibility obligations came into effect under AODA on January 1, 2014. Web Accessibility makes the web usable for everyone. It removes barriers for those with limited mobility, learning disabilities, hearing disabilities, those
What you need to know when Google displays - This site may be hacked

3 things you need to do when Google suspects “This site may be hacked”

If Google ever suspects that your website has been hacked they will begin to warn potential visitors in the search results. Needless to say, if Google search results label your website as hacked --- it is very bad for business. When Google thinks your website has been hacked you need to do 3 things: Determine if the site
8 secrets to reduce bounce rate and improve user experience on your blog

8 Secrets to Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve User Experience

As a blogger or business owner you want to not only attract visitors to your website but you want to keep them there as long as possible, navigating from page to page and post to post consuming your fabulous content. When you look at Google Analytics are you concerned by a high bounce rate? Let's take a
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