Above the Fold Content and The Twenty-Seventeen Theme

Does Above the fold matter in 2017?

This year’s WordPress default theme is the Twenty-Seventeen theme. This theme is an example of the current web design trend to showcase a large image full screen.

My first reaction on seeing Twenty-Seventeen was, but where’s the content above the fold? 

What does Above the Fold mean?

In the newspaper industry, Above the fold refers to the upper half of the front page of the paper where the day’s headlines are displayed. When a newspaper is folded the content on the top half of the page will be prominently displayed in a newspaper box or newsstand. A good headline can grab your attention and make you want to purchase a paper and read the lead story.

In web design, Above the fold refers to the web content that is visible without further scrolling or clicking. Unlike a newspaper, what displays above the fold varies between browsers and screen resolutions and all the more so now with responsive web design. On the small screen of a smartphone, not much will be showing—users readily scroll.

Does Above the Fold matter in 2017?

I’ve always told clients that their main message and call-to-action should be clearly displayed above the fold. It makes sense from a usability perspective, users shouldn’t have to scroll to see the site’s main content. If you have nothing but an image above the fold and users don’t scroll, they won’t ever see your most important content!

I started to wonder if the shift to mobile has change things. Isn’t the fold important anymore? I tried searching but couldn’t find an answer, so I decided to ask Yoast.

Yoast’s response

Well, Ruth, you’ve hit my single most important issue with the Twenty Seventeen theme. It’s just too big. I think something should be above the fold too. At the same time, what’s really most important is that you show people that there’s a way to scroll. If people see that there’s a way to scroll on your site, they will scroll and they will find that other stuff, if you’ve made it interesting enough for them. So really good imagery is what Twenty Seventeen is all about. That can really help. And it can give a sort of interaction with a user that can be pretty good. But I wish there was a bit more action above the fold on 2017 too. We agree.

Good luck!”

You can read the Ask Yoast post here.

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Let’s discuss…

What do you think about big hero images that push content below the fold? Add a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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